Wednesday, March 29 2023

The current era requires more participation in Independent Civil Society Groups.  

Independent Civil Society Groups (or non-Government organisations – NGO’s) play a critical role in holding Govenments and
Institutions accountable for their actions. They play a crucial role in promoting basic Human Rights around the world.

Civil society is the ecosystem that influences social change outside of the family, market or government.
Most Independent Civil Society groups aim for the common good by connecting marginalized people with groups that can mobilize
support and amplify their voice.

Government’s rarely act alone. You will find a Civil Society group or movement behind every social change that occurs.

Examples of civil society organizations include:

Online groups and social media communities

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other nonprofits

Unions and other collective-bargaining groups

Innovators, entrepreneurs and activists

Cooperatives and collectives

Grassroots organizations

At various points throughout history, civil society has taken on the role of leading great movements of change, including civil rights,
gender equality and other parity movements.

Civil society organisations or Non-Government Organisation’s (NGO’s) can help provide both immediate relief and
longer-term transformative change – by defending collective interests and increasing accountability;
providing solidarity, influencing decision making and challenging prejudice. In this way, excluded groups can be effective drivers of
their own change by forming or participating in organisations that represent group interests.

NGO’s play a critical role in holding Govenments and Institutions accountable for their actions.

Independent NGO’s give voice to the disorganized, voiceless segments of society. They raise awareness of social issues and advocate for change with the goal of improving their
basic standards of life.


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