Friday, January 27 2023


In line with The Australian Coptic Movement Association’s 2 focus areas (which can be found in our ‘About Us’ page), we strive to:

International Human Rights Advocacy

1. Promote human rights in Egypt and strive for equality, justice and freedom.

2. Provide moral, legal, financial or any other form of legitimate support to the Copts who suffer discrimination and persecution as deemed necessary.

3. Disseminate information to Individuals, Governments Agencies, Human Rights Organisations and any other interested legitimate parties as need arises.

4. To provide moral, legal, financial or any other support to Coptic refugees in Australia.


Local Community Development – ‘The Coptic Identity’

The Australian Coptic Movement Association aims to embody and prosper the Coptic Identity by endorsing those whom provide a positive contribution and influence on the community and Australian society as a whole. Whether it be in business, culture, community service, academia or the arts, the ACM will endorse individuals and organisations whom promote positive Coptic Identity, which will in turn empower Copts and their respective communities around the world to make a stand against the repression and tyranny faced by Egypt’s Copts as well as take pride in their place in society.


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