Wednesday, March 29 2023

On Sunday  the 30th  Jan 2011 at approx 3pm Egyptian time another massacre of Coptic Christians took place in village of Sharona, Province of Al Minya. 

The massacre in the village of Sharona (Al Minya Province) was brutal and a total of 11 indigenous Coptic Christians were massacred inside their houses including infants as young as 3 years old.
The Australian Coptic Movement condemns this vicious attack against unarmed and Christian civilians.
The genocide of Coptic Christians continues in Egypt and we request that world leaders including the Australian Prime Minister  Julia Gillard to come out and condemn these attacks and to work with other world leaders to bring stability to Egypt and to ensure that innocent and unarmed civilians living peacefully in their houses are protected by the Egyptian Army. According to the local Coptic Bishop the attackers were known to the victims and to all in the area.
Please note this information has been confirmed by Australians who have families in Al Minya province as well as the Coptic Bishop in the area. HG Bishop Aghathon.
Witnesses have the names of the murderers who are known to the victims and we request that the Egyptian Army detain the culprits immediately.
The Australian Coptic Movement
Sydney, Australia



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