Thursday, July 18 2024

The Australian Coptic Movement Association condemns the ongoing abduction and persecution of Coptic Christians in Libya. Coptic Christian migrants had made up the majority of Libya’s Christian minority. Coptic churches have been bombed and many Copts have been brutally killed or taken captive by Islamist militants.

Coptic-Egyptian news source Watani is reporting that more African Christians have been detained by IS in Libya including 21-year-old Bekhit Nageh Efrank Ebeid caught together with two other Africans as they entered Libya.

The ‘IS Barqa Province’ posted a photo of the young Coptic Christian from Sohag with a comment: “In a security operation, an Egyptian crusader, a Ghanaian crusader, and a Nigerian crusader were captured”.
IS is notorious for beheading its Christian captives. Last February saw the gruesome beheading of 20 Copts and one Ghanaian, a crime to which Egypt retaliated with air strikes against IS targets in Libya.

The International Community has ignored the plight of Christians in North Africa and the wider Middle East. We will continue to advocate on their behalf at the highest possible levels.

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