Friday, January 27 2023

The Australian Coptic Movement Association Ltd (ACM) was founded in 2010 by experienced Coptic rights activists and a new generation of passionate young Copts and non-Copts from across Australia. The ACM is a community advocacy group that fights for human rights in Egypt by exposing the persecution suffered by Copts, advocating for greater political and civil liberties, and calling for the justice and security of Copts in order to promote democratic change.

By closely working with the wider Australian community, government bodies, the media, and other human rights organisations, ACM has quickly grown to become one of the most active Coptic organisations in Australia, accumulating nationwide support. This status is reflected and recorded in Hansard records and numerous national and international media reports.

The ACM has achieved many milestones, which has brought it to the forefront of the struggle for freedom. These achievements include organising rallies, lobbying the Australian government to pass motions in the Federal and NSW Houses of Parliament, conducting letter-writing campaigns, releasing media statements, providing support to Coptic asylum seekers, and encouraging Copts to assimilate into the wider community.

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